- From which country do you ship the items?
From Germany

- Is it possible to get technical advices over the phone?
No - The modification must only be done by an educated technician. 
All relevant informations are part of the installation guide, which will be send to you after the purchase.

- What is the best way to get in touch with you?
If your question is not listed in the FAQ section please use the contact sheet on top of the website.

- Are all prices final prices?
Not included are prices for p&p. You can find a detailed list on the bottom of the website.
Depending on the location, non-EU citizens may also have to pay import duties and taxes.
These costs are at the expense of the customer.

- How long does the whole modification process take?
An experienced technician will need about 120 min. for the basic dual channel mod and 60 min. to install the cathode-bypass-switch.

- How does the amp technician know how to perform the mod?
The buyer will get a detailed step-by-step instruction guide with pictures in PDF format after the purchase.

- Can I send you my amplifier to perform the mod?
If you are located in the EU please use the contact sheet and leave information about your name, amplifier and location.
You will get a non binding offer asap. Please consider that on top of the price for the mod set additional costs for shipping and working time will apply.
Modifications for US-customers can be done by Mr. Rob deAntonio aka Jaded Faith Mods. If you live elsewhere please contact your local amp technician.

- Can I still use single channel modules?
Yes, the only difference is, that you have to press the front pannel button twice to get to the next module.

- Does the mod support all current MTS dual modules?
Yes, except for the current version of the Synergy "Herbert" module which is neither compatible with Randall nor Egnater amps.

- Does the channel selection and storing process work as it did before?

-Can I still power my MIDI foot controller with a 7-pin-MIDI-cable?
The outer pins of the MIDI-in-socket provide phantom power, which is appropriate for many foot controllers. Please take a look into the manual of your device to see if it is compatible.